About Us

PayMeWithAChicken.com is the world’s only person-to-person barter website providing members the option to easily upload and share video clips of items and services they wish to barter across the Internet, on mobile devices and via email on a global basis.

If, in the world of online bartering a picture is worth a thousand words, a video clip is priceless. Now household items, tools, recreational and electronic equipment, housing-swaps, vehicles, artwork, pets, collectibles and every imaginable type of service, from construction and home repair to musical and theatrical entertainment, come to life vividly and accurately, allowing our community of members to display what they’re offering, and to see what they’re being offered in return.

Hatched in April, 2009, Paymewithachicken.com is powered by LaunchPad Media (Launchpad.tv), a cutting-edge leader in creative web design. Pay Me With A Chicken, LLC brings together a team of award winning professionals from the worlds of entertainment, media production and broadcast journalism.