Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pay Me with a Chicken?

Pay Me with a Chicken is a online barter site which allows traders to upload full motion video and/or images of what they wish to barter.

How much does Pay Me with a Chicken cost?

Pay Me with a Chicken is FREE.

How do I use Pay Me with a Chicken?

Please visit our “How to Barter” support page here for detailed instructions (Video Tutorial Posted)

My video looks great! But which formats can I post?

Accepted formats are: AVI, MPEG, MPG, MPE, DAT (VCD), VOB (DVD), WMV, ASF, ASX, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, 3GPP, DV, QT, RM, RMVB, FLV; Size is limited to: 20MB

Who pays for shipping?

You are responsible to pay shipping for the item that you are trading, unless you strike a different deal with a trader.

This is amazing - is it legal?

Completely! Using Pay Me with a Chicken is no different than selling your used items on eBay, or selling that book you just finished to a second hand bookstore. . However, using Pay Me with a Chicken, instead of receiving money as payment, you get another great item or service. Just be sure to click on the IRS link on the home page to better understand the law as it pertains to bartering.

What is your privacy policy? Will you ever give my personal information to anyone?

No. To read the full privacy policy, please click here.

What time zone does Pay Me with a Chicken use as its reference?

We use U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST)

In which countries is Pay Me With a Chicken available?

At this time Pay Me with a Chicken is only available in the United States and Canada. However, everyone else, stand by! We are growing quickly and will be available soon in more and more countries around the world.

How should I describe an item I want to barter?

The magic of video is that you can show people exactly what they’ll get. Traders no longer need to rely on only written descriptions. A picture is worth 1000 words. Include details like “a small scratch on the fender", etc. Remember that you want satisfied customers and so do we. No surprises, please.

What if my item's condition is below an "acceptable" level?

If the condition of your item is below "acceptable", please do not list it on Pay Me with a Chicken. You would not want to receive any items which are not in "acceptable" condition, and therefore should not ship any items in poor condition. Remember, your trader rating is at stake, so be accurate in your descriptions.

Must products or services traded be of equal value?

Pay Me with a Chicken hopes you will receive items of “equal value.” But remember, “one person’s ceiling is another person’s floor”. In other words, Pay Me With a Chicken cannot determine the personal value of an item to any of its members. If, for example, someone trades a snowmobile for a Mickey Mantle rookie baseball trading card; are the items of “equal value”?

Probably not. But we do not assess value of items or services. Nor do we restrict our members from making the trades they wish to make. After all, although the actual dollar value of the baseball card might be substantially less than that of the snowmobile, that avid Mickey Mantle fan might feel that he or she got the better end of the trade.

Are there any restrictions on what I can trade?

Trading counterfeit items is prohibited by law and offenders will be reported to the appropriate authorities. If you receive a counterfeit DVD, CD, or video game in trade with another Pay Me with a Chicken user, please let us know by emailing us:

We do not allow trading in illegal activities. Please check with your local law enforcement agency should you believe an activity is potentially illegal.

We also do not allow the trading of guns.

How do I find a person to trade with?

Pay Me with a Chicken helps do that for you. You simply post what product(s) and/or service(s) you want and what items you are willing to trade, and we go out and find matching trades for you to consider. Other traders , we will send you an e-mail which allows you to accept or reject the trade.

How do I offer a trade?

There are two ways to get involved in a trade.

The first happens when you have added items to your Have List that other users may want. At that time, in the upper-left corner of the screen you will see counts of all the items that you can currently receive in trade. To browse through all of those items, simply click on the count numbers.

You will then notice that all of the items you are seeing have a "TRADE NOW" link next to them. To initiate a trade for any of those items, simply click on the "TRADE NOW" link and you will then be shown the condition of the item as well as information about the user who has the item. A couple clicks later and the item will be on its way to you.

The other way to get involved in a trade, is to make sure that you have both items on your have list AND your want list. Now as other users initiate trades, Pay Me with a Chicken will see if it can include you in those trades so that you get an item on your want list in trade for something on your trade list. When this happens, we will notify you via an email that a trade is available and you can then login to review and accept that trade.

What if I don't know what items I want, only what products and/or services I want to trade?

In that case, just enter the items you are willing to trade, and Pay Me with a Chicken will show you all the items you can receive in trade. At that point, you can decide if any of the items interest you.

Because Pay Me with a Chicken is a vibrant community, members are always adding and deleting items, so the number and variety of items you can get will vary frequently.

Can I trade for things not on my want wish list?

Of course. Pay Me with a Chicken will show you all items and/or services you can receive, regardless of what’s on your want list. Then, if you see an item you want, just initiate the trade by clicking on the "TRADE NOW" link.

How will I be advised of opportunities for trades?

Barter requests will be e-mailed to you automatically. Also, Pay Me with a Chicken will notify you of any pending trades in the upper-right part of your screen, and if you click on that message, we'll immediately show you the trades to review.

Do I have to accept an offer to trade?

No. Accepting a trade will always be your choice.

What happens if I do not receive my item?

Remember that, packages can often take longer than expected due to the internal workings of the post office and private shipping services. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery of your items.

If after this time you still have not received your item, please take follow these steps:

1) Please contact the sender by going to his or her page, and under the image of the item you have not received, click on the link "contact this user".

Most problems can be resolved through honest communication between the trading parties. Ask for confirmation that the item was in fact shipped, the date it was shipped, and any tracking or confirmation information from the carrier. If your tracking information says the item has been delivered, please contact the carrier for more information.

2) Allow the sender a grace period of two or three business days to respond to your inquiry.

3) If the sender indicates that the item was shipped (and has no tracking information) please report your item as “Not Received" to:

Once you have formally reported an item to Pay Me with a Chicken, the item will be placed in an "Item Not Received" status, and the other trader's account may be suspended until the issue is resolved.

After a trade has been completed, when do I mail the item out?

Each trader should ship their item by the end of the next business day or as soon as possible. Failure to ship an item in a suitable manner will have a negative affect your user rating and may result in you receiving less trade.

How do I know that the people I am trading with are trustworthy?

Not unlike eBay and other bartering sites, follow-up information is provided by each member. Factors to consider when rating another member include: promptness of shipping, the quality of the item shipped and whether item’s condition was accurately described.

When we notify members of an available trade, the other members rating is displayed. It is a good sign when a member has both a significant number of previous trades, as well as a favorable rating.

If you don’t receive an item as promised, Pay Me with a Chicken provides a means by which a missing item can be reported, and we will follow up with the other member in hopes of resolving the issue favorably.

How do the member ratings work?

Each time a transaction is completed, you will give the member with whom you completed the transaction a positive, neutral, or negative rating. We also encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to leave a short written comment about the transaction as well.

How do I decide what rating to give to a member?

Basically, that's up to you, but if the transaction went smoothly, the item was shipped on time, and the other member responded to any questions regarding the item, such an exchange would seem to warrant a positive rating. However, if the item arrived as described, but late, the transaction might be considered neutral. If an item arrives very late or not in the condition as described, a negative rating might be appropriate. Again, it’s up to you. But if you give a neutral or negative rating, please be sure to provide a comment of explanation.

What's the best way to contact Pay Me with a Chicken?

You may email us at or use the Contact Us feature. Be sure to include your Pay Me with a Chicken member name. Any question regarding a trade should display the trade number in the subject line.

We take customer support very seriously and do our best to respond immediately to all customer support issues. However, depending on the volume, we can not always guarantee the speed with which we are able to respond. If you do not hear from us after a few days, feel free to contact us again. We assure you, we will respond to all emails.

Why has my account been suspended?

Your account may be temporarily suspended for a variety of reasons. Obviously, we will do our best to resolves any problems, issues or misunderstandings, and, whenever possible, get you back trading.

Should you receive the message, “Your account has been suspended”, contact

How do I close my Pay Me with a Chicken account?

You may close your account at any time, provided there are NO outstanding trades.

Once logged in, click here to permanently close your account. Please choose the most appropriate reason for closing your account.

Remember that once your account has been closed, you can no longer access Pay Me with a Chicken with your username nor can you open another account with your registered email address.

Pay Me With A Chicken reserves the right to remove any posting that it deems inappropriate.

May I trade firearms?

No! Whereas Pay Me with a Chicken respects the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, as well as all law-abiding hunters, sportsmen and collectors, the danger of firearms falling into the wrong hands via the Internet, and potentially being used in violent, unlawful acts is too great to risk.