So, you want to know how to barter on Pay Me With A Chicken?

Step 1 – Choosing Item vs. Service

"Item" means a physical, tangible object you’d like to place on the site for trade. It cold be something you made, something you bought, something you don’t want anymore...

"Service" means you have a skill that you can provide to someone in exchange for someone else’s items or services.

Choose "Barter an Item" or "Barter a Service" to continue.

Step 2 – Describing the Barter

"Title" is how you want to catch the attention of others when Bartering. Describe your Barter in the fewest words possible, but with the most specific detail. See Example 2. The Title listed is no frills, and exactly describes the item so that users know what the post is about.

"Description" is where you can be creative in your description of the item or service. The sky’s the limit here! You can even include such details as to how you’d like to handle shipping (if any).

"Category" and "Sub-Category" is how you choose to place your Item or Service within the different departments of the site. As shown in Example 2, because the item is even titled "Collectible," it stands to reason that the proper category for placement would be "Collectibles."

"What I’m seeking" is your change to tell other users what you’re looking to gain from your Barter. Perhaps you want a new sofa, or a basket of chocolate chip cookies? Go ahead and ask for it. You will then be asked to describe how specific or loose you are in terms of your

  • "I’m seeking this specifically" means you are not looking for any offers other than for what you’ve listed as "What I’m seeking"
  • "Something similar would suffice" means you’d like what you posted as Seeking, but you can be counter-offered something else.
  • "I’m open to your best offers" means you have no clue what you’re looking for, and you’d like to see all offers people can provide.

Step 3 – Uploading Video or Photos

Pay Me With A Chicken gives you an opportunity to upload video (and audio) to help describe your Barter. PMWAC accepts most video formats natively - modern video camcorders, iPhones, iPods, digital cameras and cellphones with video capture capability. We request you keep your video file to under 10MB in size. You can only upload one (1) video per post, so make it count!

You are not required to upload video. However, you are required to upload at least one (1) photo to depict your Barter. You are allowed to upload ten (10) photos maximum.

To upload video or photos, click the "Browse" button to search your computer for the files you’d like to associate with your Barter. Click the "Add Another Photo" link if you’d like to add additional photos.

Step 4 – Completing Your Post

Once completed, press "Submit." You will receive a screen similar to Example 3, explaining that an email has been sent to your email to confirm that you are ready for your post to become live on PMWAC. Check your email, and click the "Activate your Post" link.

Step 5 – You’re done!

Congratulations! You’ve posted a Barter on PMWAC. Sit back ,relax, and enjoy receiving offers from other users!

Don’t forget – posting a barter is only half the fun of PMWAC. You can also make offers on other people’s barters! Browse the various departments, the newest barters, or simply search for a keyword to see if anything matches what you’re looking for. You may just find something you need, as well!